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MY WMS .Net port

WMSNet is a free, open source, tier-1 Warehouse management system based on mywms-los

WMSNet is constructed using current architecture that places extensibility as its number one concern. All components in WMSNet can be substituted or extended. Functionality is built from easily interchangeable building blocks.

WMSNet utilises Microsoft Windows Azure and NServiceBus.

The basic structure of WMSNet

Like an operating system, WMSNet will deliver numerous functions and fundamental services for WMS applications. It is a platform and, thus, cannot be operated without specific applications.

WMSNet will provide well-defined communication interfaces to external systems and internal interfaces to the exchangeable modules (plug-ins), which will be specified by C# interfaces and allow third parties to incorporate own products.

In addition to the pure warehouse management, the WMSNet framework will also include a material flow control. WMSNet will not deal with characteristics of merchandize management, production planning and production control although the framework will comprise interfaces to such systems.

Since WMSNet is not limited to special types of warehouses and logistic processes, its range of application will be wide ranging, from manually operated warehouses, automatic warehouses to physically distributed warehouses with heterogeneous structures.Thanks to suitable plug-ins like routing or optimization algorithms the system can easily be adapted to existing warehouses.

Please see documentation for further information, or click here for Key Features.


To provide a free, maintainable,scalable and an extendable open source alternative to market leaders such as Snapfulfil,RedPrairie,HighJump Warehouse Advantage,IBS Dynaman and Royal 4's.



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